6 years ago

10th Graders Discover Craigslist Purchase Too Good to Be True

On Monday, June 4, 2012, two 10th grade boys were attempting to purchase an iPhone off of Craigslist. The father of one of the boys dropped them off where they were supposed to meet the sellers at 51st and Hampton. They boys got lost and ended up at 51st and Capitol, where the sellers met up with them and subsequently robbed them. The victims left the scene and then walked in to the Neighborhood Task Force building at 47th & Vliet to report the crime.

Officers were able to get a good description of the suspects and their vehicle – a red Dodge Neon with a license plate number the boys managed to jot down. This listed owner of that plate was contacted and indicated it had been stolen some time ago. The vehicle description was messaged at every roll call and all officers were attempting to locate it.

At 4:04 p.m. on Wednesday, June 6, 2012, District 7 Officers Michael Mattioli and Andrew Farina spotted the auto and were able to conduct a traffic stop ¬†at 4542 N Sherman Blvd. There were two male and two female occupants in the auto. The males matched the description of the suspects and were arrested. A phone used in the communication with the boys prior to the robbery was recovered as well as some of the victims’ property.

Excellent work was done by all involved, but this crime would not have been solved had it not been for the vigilance of Officers Mattioli and Farina locating the auto, stopping it, arresting the suspects and recovering key evidence.

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