6 years ago

A Bird in the Hand (or the Motorcycle…)

A bird in the hand is worth a good news story to Milwaukee Police Officer Bill Ritch.

Officer Ritch was teaching motorcycle officer training Wednesday out in the Miller Park lot. After a night of storms, some felled tree branches dropped near his bike and out fell a baby bird – right onto Ritch’s motorcycle seat, where he found it after the class took a break.

The baby bird can’t yet fly, so Ritch, a true animal lover, took the bird, gave it shelter in his open tour pack. He fed the bird all day and has cared for it. He plans to keep it until he can nurse it back to health to fly.

And…. the officers named the bird “Harley.” We’ve already heard from our friends at the Wisconsin Humane Society with a kind offer to help. The littlest in need have advocates in the Milwaukee Police!

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