6 years ago

Chief Flynn Discharges One Officer; Demotes Another

Chief Flynn on Tuesday imposed serious discipline on two members for violations of the Milwaukee Police Department’s Code of Conduct.

Police Officer Eric D. Wurth was discharged from the Milwaukee Police Department for violation of the MPD Code of Conduct and the core values of Competence and Integrity. 

The core value of Competence states, “We are prudent stewards of the public’s grand of authority and resources. We are accountable for the quality of our performance and the standards of our conduct. We are exemplary leaders and exemplary followers.” 

The core value of Integrity reads, “We recognize the complexity of police work and exercise discretion in ways that are beyond reproach and worthy of public trust. Honesty and truthfulness are fundamental elements of integrity. It is our duty to earn public trust through consistent words and actions. We are honest in word and deed.”

Wurth used Milwaukee Police Department equipment to conduct record checks on persons for non-departmental business. Additionally, he had contact with a person who he had personal knowledge had an outstanding warrant but he failed to make an arrest.

In other action Tuesday, Chief Flynn demoted former Court Liaison Officer Joanne M. Sunn to the rank of Police Officer for violating the MPD Code of Conduct core values of Competence and Respect. That core value of Respect states, “We hold life in the highest regard. We treat all citizens and colleagues with dignity and respect, and are fair and impartial as we perform our duties.”

Sunn failed to obey a lawful order emanating from an officer of higher rank by using her personal vehicle during duty hours and took extended lunch periods in that vehicle. Additionally,on multiple occasions,  she secured before the end of her tour of duty and reported late for duty.

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