6 years ago

Chief Flynn Discusses Crime Numbers – Raw Video of Interview

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward A. Flynn was interviewed by reporter Ben Poston from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for a story he has been working on for the better part of at least one year.  His editor, Greg Borowski, also participated in the interview, which occurred in the Chief’s conference room and lasted about one hour. That story was published today. Mr. Poston came not with sincere questions to be answered, but with a premise to be proven: the Milwaukee Police Department is lying about its crime numbers. The video of the interview in its entirety is below:

The newspaper story identified errors in the way some crimes are being reported to the FBI. The story did not identify errors in the way crimes are being investigated. Or errors in the way crimes are being referred to prosecutors. Or errors in the way victims are being treated.

We are not making excuses. We are not suggesting that errors don’t occur. We are, however, asserting that there is a substantial difference between bureaucratic mistakes and purposeful misrepresentations. It is an awful big leap to suggest bad intention. We are also suggesting that the worst kind of exploitative journalism would be that which uses injured children to persuade the public to draw false conclusions. We encourage the community to watch the video for themselves.




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