March 6th, 2014 by milwaukeepolice



On February 7, 1963, Patrolman Robert Kraemer heard a call on the radio for the police ambulance to respond to someone pinned in a taxi after it struck a tree on N. Prospect Avenue.  Patrolman Kraemer decided to respond on his motorcycle to assist.

Patrolman Kraemer was eastbound on E. Juneau Avenue on his three-wheel motorcycle when he collided with the ambulance heading south on N. Van Buren St. It is unclear why the two did not see or hear each other. Patrolman Kraemer was thrown 125 feet from his motorcycle and landed in the middle of N. Van Buren St. He was rushed to County Emergency Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Patrolman Kraemer was 31-years-old and had been with the Milwaukee Police Department two weeks short of three years. He was survived by his wife Diane and four children: Cary Lynn, 9; Robert Jr., 7; Duane, 4, and Timothy, 2.





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