April 1st, 2014 by milwaukeepolice

APPOINTED: January 26, 1917

DECEASED: January 26, 1922

Motorcycle Patrolman William Kammerling died on January 28, 1922, of his injuries after being involved in a crash on his motorcycle two days earlier. Patrolman Kaemmerling suffered a fractured skull and broken neck when his motorcycle collided with one being driven by a postal messenger.

The accident occurred on Grand Avenue, now known as Wisconsin Avenue, between N. 13th and N. 14th Streets around 11:30. Kammerling was driving west and the postal messenger was driving east, when one of them pulled out to pass a car.

Patrolman Kammerling was thrown to the street and lost consciousness. The other driver was not injured.

Patrolman Kammerling was 27-years-old and had been with the Milwaukee Police Department for five years. He died on the three-year anniversary of being on the motorcycle. Patrolman Kaemmerling was married with two children.



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