6 years ago

UPDATE: Facts on Human Remains Found in Sewer

We want to correct inaccurate reports broadcast on WTMJ-TV Wednesday evening citing “sources” stating “private parts” were cut off and that the person had been “stabbed” regarding the homicide investigation at 40th & Garfield.

There was no obvious sign, given the remains recovered, what may have caused the person’s death. The scenario described by WTMJ would be impossible to determine with the remains that were recovered. At this time, we are unable to even tell what sex the person may have been.

We will share the facts as we know them, and certainly the autopsy will tell us more. We appreciate reports of the facts in this investigation.

Following is the information Milwaukee Police shared with the community and the media yesterday when this investigation began. These are the facts as we know them:

Milwaukee Police are investigating the discovery of human remains this morning as a homicide.

A city Department of Public Works crew was doing maintenance on the sewer near 40th & Garfield at 10:15 a.m. when the workers discovered human remains. Milwaukee Police were called to the scene and now detectives are investigating. An autopsy is pending to determine the sex, age and race of the person. The remains are believed to be from an adult.

Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Bureau are reviewing reports of missing persons, checking nearby vacant houses for evidence and conducting a door to door canvass in the neighborhood.

We will share more information with the community when we have the facts.

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