Location, Location, Location: Officers Knew Where to Look for Robber

September 24th, 2012 by milwaukeepolice

There is community-oriented policing, and there’s team policing. Milwaukee Police District 5 officers are a great example of what makes a successful police team.

On September 6, 2012, at about 8:30 p.m., District 5 Lt. Heather Wurth,  along with Police Officers Michael Walker and Chauncey Harris responded to a report of an armed robbery in the 3100 block of N. 13th Street. The caller and victim reported that she was at a store at N. 12th Street and W. Chambers and the suspects, who were originally inside the store, appeared suspicous to her and she took note of their appearances, including a distinct tattoo on the face of one of the suspects and shoulder length dreadlocks. As the victim and her husband were walking home, she realized the suspects had followed them to the area of N. 13th Street and W. Burleigh, where two of the three suspects pointed firearms at them and robbed them.

The Lt. and her officers were on scene within two minutes of dispatch and were able to immediately obtain and broadcast a description of the suspects involved in this robbery. The female victim was able to provide a detailed description of one suspect, including the distinct facial tattoo.

Police Officers Louis Kopesky and Brendon Dolan responded to the area to saturate for the suspects. Both Officer Kopesky and Officer Dolan recalled that a previous armed robbery suspect lived in the immediate area and they drove to that area. They observed this suspect inside a vehicle and conducted a traffic stop of the auto. Based on the exact clothing, physical appearance and distinctive tattoo, the suspect was taken into custody. Although a weapon was not recovered at the time of the stop, the suspect had the exact denominations of US currency taken from the victim. It should also be noted that the suspect, at the time of his arrest, was on extended supervision for armed robbery and had an outstanding warrant in Sheboygan.

All the officers should be commended for their immediate response to a violent crime and the awareness of violent offenders living within a specific location. Together, the officers were able to apprehend a felon immediately following the commission of a crime. Their efforts are making a significant impact on reducing the crime, fear, and disorder within District 5 and we applaud their hard work and dedication.



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