6 years ago

Man Arrested at Rally

Milwaukee Police cited a protester at a rally at which former President Bill Clinton appeared this morning at Pere Marquette Park.

David B. Willoughby, 39, of West Allis, was issued a municipal citation for disorderly conduct when he refused to comply with Milwaukee Police orders to step back from his location where he was waving a large wooden pole with a sign mounted on it. Given his proximity to Mayor Tom Barrett and other dignitaries, officers believed he posed a threat with the large sign and was asked to move back. He was told he was allowed to protest, and the officer understood his right to protest, but he needed to move from the line where the Mayor and other dignitaries were standing. He failed to comply. He was arrested, issued a citation and was released.

Before the incident, one of the rally organizers approached the police officer asking that Willoughby be removed as he said the protester was an unwelcome guest. The officer informed the organizer that Pere Marquette is a public park and that Willoughby had the right to be present there. Additionally, the same officer ordered a man who was shouting at Willoughby before the arrest in an extremely agitated fashion, to calm down and to walk away. The man did.

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