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Media Guidance for Funeral Service of Officer Charles Irvine Jr.

Visitation for Officer Charles Irvine Jr. will be on Saturday, June 16 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m., with the service to follow. The family has decided they do not want media at the visitation/service. News vehicles and cameras will not be permitted on the Elmbrook Church property.

Elmbrook Church will be providing a live-stream of the service. Details are below. The link is active.

There is a parking lot in Marx Park at S. Barker Road and Poplar Creek Dr. We recommend members of the media stage in that lot. This location provides a view of the front of the church and the south driveway where the funeral procession will stage and depart after the service.

The procession of squads will take Officer Charles Irvine Jr. to Forest Home Cemetery. The route may be publicized prior to Saturday to advise the public if they wish to avoid additional traffic congestion in the area or for the public wishing to gather to see the procession and pay their respects.

The route:

From the church the procession will travel north on S. Barker Road, east on I-94 and exit at Miller Park Way. It will then turn east on Lincoln Avenue to Forest Home Cemetery. The interment will be a private family service. Squads will continue east on Lincoln to the freeway and return to their work locations.


Be advised that the Flight for Life helicopter will be flying over the church. News pilots will need to keep their distance from the church and the Flight for Life flight path.

There will be no media availability of any department members on Saturday.

Live stream link:

Here is the embed code:

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