MPD Detectives Save Child’s Life

July 22nd, 2014 by milwaukeepolice

The quick thinking and actions of two off-duty Milwaukee Police Department detectives helped save an infant’s life. At approximately 11:55 pm on July 19, Detective Terrence Wright, assigned to South Investigations Division, was in his personal vehicle heading home from work when he saw a woman run out of a building in the 700 block of N. James Lovell Street. She was holding an infant and yelling for help because her child was not breathing and had become unresponsive. Detective Wright rushed to the aid of the woman, took the child, and delivered two thrusts to the infant’s back. The child began to breathe and Detective Wright stayed with the child and mother until the Milwaukee Fire Department arrived.

Detective Raena Melk, assigned to South Investigations Division, was also on her way home and stopped to help at the scene. She called 911 for assistance and aided the mother. The actions of both detectives highlighted their experience and training with the Milwaukee Police Department as they helped save a child’s life.



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