6 years ago

MPD Receives Terrorism Prevention Training

The Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT) and the Milwaukee Police Department have partnered to provide training to Milwaukee Police Officers on the importance of intelligence collection during their tour of duty.

InCOP is a free training that provides state and local law enforcement with enhanced information collection skills and suspicious activity reporting while emphasizing the need to protect civil liberties and privacy. By recognizing that it is only through surprise that criminals and terrorists can be effective, officers will re-sharpen the skills needed to be vigilant regardless of the nature of their assignment.

Trainers from MPD completed the one-day Train-the-Trainer course on May 3, 2012. The trainers will deliver the course to MPD later this fall.

InCOP 2-Build a Base is the second in a series of training programs. It focuses on the technique of effective collection to help line officers engage the skills of identifying and developing human information sources within their jurisdiction.

“Milwaukee Police are taking their training to the next level,” said MIPT’s Training Director Charles Allen. “They’ve mastered the skills of what to look for and now they’re re-focusing on the basic skill of talking to people and, perhaps more importantly, listening to people. That is the type of community engagement that will make a difference in crime reduction and terrorism prevention.”

InCOP is designed to improve the fundamental and essential skill of information collection for uniformed officers. InCOP 1 concepts are reinforced by the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative (NSI).

MPD delivered InCOP 1 training in the fall of 2011 to the entire department.

For more information on InCOP, please visit MIPT’s Training Page.

MIPT is a training partner of Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA) serving the nation’s 800,000 uniformed officers and law enforcement leadership. Their mission is to enhance the public safety through training, professional development and education.

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