Officer’s Hunch Pays Off With Arrest of Nosy Neighbor

December 5th, 2012 by milwaukeepolice

District 3 Police Officer Matthew Claudio along with other squads were dispatched to an Armed Robbery complaint in the 1100 blk of N. 24th St. on November 28. When they met with the victim, they found that he was unresponsive and had suffered a traumatic head injury and could not be interviewed.  They believed they were investigating a case of a man who was beaten and robbed in the street.

A witness approached Officer Claudio during the investigation and offered that he saw what happened and reported seeing several subjects beating the victim at a bus stop. While speaking with the witness, another subject came out of a house and inquired as to what happened and was very concerned about the victim and was asking detailed questions of the incident.

Officer Claudio had a hunch that something suspicious was going on with the subject who was asking a lot of questions. Officer Claudio felt this subject was acting too interested and was bringing attention to himself as someone with might be withholding information. Once detectives were told of Officer Claudio’s hunch the police entered the house of the inquisitive subject. Continuing to get denial from the subject that anything happened, Officer Claudio and his partner, Officer Kyle Jelinek  located blood spatter in the hallway leading to the subject’s upper unit.

Eventually another witness came forth and offered that the victim wasn’t robbed but beaten inside the house of the “nosy” subject. Further, it was the “nosy” subject who beat the victim over a dispute. The witness who had approached Officer Claudio was present during the beating and was attempting to steer the investigation away from him and the subject, who was later identified as his nephew. As a result two arrests were made for Substantial Battery and when the victim was responsive he positiviely identified the “nosy” subject as the person who assaulted him.

This was investigated as an Armed Robbery with little information from the victim. Due to Officer Claudio’s keen instinct and awareness, a good arrest was made rather than hours spent by polic looking into a false armed robbery.


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