Officers Solve One Robbery, Prevent Another

December 7th, 2012 by milwaukeepolice

On December 3 at 6:23 p.m. Distrtict 2 Police Officers Ryan Foth and Matthew Diener stopped a subject loitering in an alley at 14th and Greenfield.

During the pat down search of the subject, the officers recovered a pellet pistol identical to a Glock .45. Officers Foth and Diener then checked the area and found a female who had made arrangements to meet and sell her cell phone to the subject they had stopped. The subject did not have money on him to purchase the phone and was arrested for loitering, carrying a concealed weapon and was conveyed to District 2. While at the district, Officers Foth and Diener spoke with Officer Christopher Agnew who had investigated an earlier robbery. The subject in Officer Agnew’s incident matched the description of  the subject Foth and Diener had in custody.

 A photo array was then shown to the victim who positively identified the suspect as the person who robbed him. Through a simple well-conducted field interview, Officers Foth and Diener were able to clear one robbery and prevent another. Good Job!


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