Police respond to Children’s Hospital to investigate man with gun

November 15th, 2013 by milwaukeepolice

Late Thursday morning, Milwaukee Police received a call from a woman stating there was a suspect, likely armed, at Children’s Hospital. The caller also reported that the armed suspect likely had felony warrants. As a result of this call, officers from District 3 were dispatched to the hospital. The responding officers confirmed the armed suspect’s felony warrant status while en route, and printed his picture from their in-squad computer.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the officers responded to the suspect’s room in the neonatal unit and found the suspect holding a baby. The officers engaged the suspect in dialogue in an attempt to determine whether he was in fact armed.

Shortly after our initial contact, the suspect released the baby and attempted to flee. After a brief physical struggle with officers, the suspect produced a .40 caliber semiautomatic pistol from his pants, broke away from the officers and ran through the neonatal ward. Milwaukee Police officers pursued the armed suspect, who pointed his pistol at officers as they contained him in an empty hallway.

The suspect’s threatening behavior forced our officers to take action to protect themselves and innocent bystanders. One officer fired two rounds at the suspect, striking him in the arm and causing him to drop his gun. He was immediately treated for his non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect is 22 years old and has a lengthy arrest record.


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