6 years ago

Police Week 2012: Asst. Chief, Lt. Arrest Suspect By the “Book”

When a bank robber was nabbed carrying the book, “How To Be A Successful Criminal: The real deal on crime, drugs and easy money,” clearly, there wasn’t a chapter about what to do when encountering veteran police officers.

At last night’s Milwaukee Police Merit Awards Ceremony, Chief Flynn presented a Meritorious Service Award to Assistant Chief Patrick Mitchell and Police Lieutenant W. Scott LaFleur. The story garnered national media attention, much to the chagrin of these two men who still think of themselves as street cops “just doing our job.”

On Friday, March 23, 2012, at about 1 p.m., Assistant Chief  Mitchell and Lieutenant LeFleur were in an unmarked vehicle in the downtown Milwaukee area when they heard a broadcast for a robbery that occurred at a bank across from the Federal Courthouse.

Assistant Chief Mitchell and Lieutenant LaFlueur were aware that in previous downtown bank robberies, the suspects fled in a northerly direction. The two had a brief discussion and concluded that it was more likely that the suspect would flee south. They then travelled east on Michigan Street and were at the intersection of Wisconsin and Michigan when they observed the suspect fleeing south, just east of them. Not wishing to activate their emergency equipment , Lieutenant LaFleur got out of the car and began running after the suspect. Once he was able to clear traffic, Assistant Chief Mitchell and Lieutenant LaFleur did a maneuver to the south to contain the suspect in a parking lot.

During this entire incident, Assistant Chief Mitchell kept broadcasting their observations and their location. The suspect was then arrested without incident. Both Assistant Chief Mitchell and Lt. LaFleur showed that no matter how far you rise in the ranks, you never forget your roots as a street officer. We are proud of them both.

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