Police Week 2012: Officer Runs into Danger to Save Partner, Victim

May 12th, 2012 by milwaukeepolice

Following is a story of heroism for which District 6 Police Officer Michael A. Antoniak will receive a high honor from the Milwaukee Police Department at Tuesday’s Police/Citizen Merit Awards Ceremony. He will receive the Medal of Valor – Combat.

In the early evening hours of Tuesday, March 6, 2012, Police Officer Michael A. Antoniak  and a sergeant were dispatched to an armed robbery in progress at an apartment building on South 44th Street. Upon arrival, Officer Antoniak learned that the suspect was still in the building.

The officers entered the building with their weapons drawn. Suddenly, the door to one of the apartments burst open and the suspect came out, pointing a gun at the sergeant. The sergeant grabbed the suspect’s hand and in the struggle, the suspect squeezed the trigger but the gun failed to discharge. The sergeant pushed the suspect back into the apartment, attempting to gain control of him and his weapon. Fearing for the sergeant’s safety, Officer Antoniak entered the apartment and encountered a second suspect. Officer Antoniak was able to subdue the suspect and both were taken into custody. The victim was found on the floor bound with duct tape. He told officers that the suspects had beaten, robbed and threatened to kill him and also said that the suspect told him he would shoot anyone who came to the door.

We are proud to call Police Officer Michael A. Antoniak a Milwaukee Police Officer.


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