6 years ago

Probationary Officer Terminated; Officer Discharged for Code of Conduct Violation

Milwaukee Police detectives arrested a 22-year-old probationary Milwaukee Police Officer late Friday, May 4, for a state charge of obstructing an officer after she allegedly provided false information to police regarding a homicide investigation.

Danielle Scott was placed under full suspension during the investigation.

The case against Scott was presented to the district attorney’s office over the weekend and it was pended for future review.

Chief Edward A. Flynn on Monday, May 7, 2012, terminated Scott, a probationary employee, from the Milwaukee Police Department.

“I have lost confidence in her ability to serve on the Milwaukee Police Department and I have terminated her employment,” Chief Flynn said.

Chief Flynn has the discretion to terminate probationary employees without cause.

Scott served as a Police Aide since February 2009 and became a Police Officer in October 2011. She graduated from the Police Academy in March 2012.

In other recent serious disciplinary action, Chief Flynn discharged Christopher Gull on May 2. Gull, 44 years old with 16 years of service, was a sergeant assigned to the Technical Communications Division. Gull displayed sexually explicit photos and made inappropriate comments to co-workers and subordinates while on duty.

He was disciplined for violating the department’s core values of competence and leadership. The MPD Code of Conduct core value of competence states, “We are prudent stewards of the public’s grant of authority and resources. We are accountable for the quality of our performance and the standards of our conduct. We are exemplary leaders and exemplary followers.”

The core value of leaderships says, “We seek to influence human behavior to achieve organizational goals that serve the public while developing individuals, teams and the organization for future service. We accept our responsibility to be leaders, both within the community and among our peers, and for the actions of our colleagues and ourselves. We are all responsible for the performance, reputation and morale of the department.”


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