6 years ago

Recruit Officer Shines Early in Career

A Milwaukee Police Recruit Officer only six weeks into his field training, showed he has what it takes to keep the streets safe.

District 3 Police Officers Miles Kowalik and Markel McKinley were dispatched last Monday at 10:42 p.m. to a Shotspotter gunshot locator complaint in the 2200 block of N. 37th St. Upon arrival they started to check the area where Shotspotter indicated the shots were fired. In the immediate area they located a car parked in the rear of a boarded up house in the area. The vehicle did not belong at the location.

When Police Officers Kowalik and McKinley approached the vehicle, PO McKinley, who recently graduated from the police academy, observed a shotgun shell casing by the rear passenger tire. He could also smell burnt gunpowder in the air. There was a subject in the vehicle who acted as if he was sleeping.

After conducting a field interview, the officers towed the vehicle because it was obstructing traffic. During a check of the trunk during the property inventory, the officers located a shotgun with the barrel and stock sawed off. The shotgun also had the strong smell of burnt gunpowder from the ejection port. The subject, a convicted felon, was arrested.

The officers made keen observations and showed tenacity in taking the extra step to locate evidence of shots fired. They kept going with the clues they found and started to piece the investigation together with good instincts and strong police work. Officer McKinley’s future likely is a bright one!

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