Sergeant Used CPR & AED to Revive Man

March 15th, 2013 by milwaukeepolice

On March 13 at about 10:00 a.m., Milwaukee Police Officer Conway Nimmer was flagged down in the employee parking lot of District 4 by a woman who said her son had passed out in her vehicle.

They had been enroute to the VA Hospital because her 54 year old son had been complaining of pain in his extremities. During the drive, the man started convulsing and passed out. That’s when she pulled into the district.

Officer Nimmer sounded the alarm for help as he pulled the man out of the vehicle and placed him on the ground.

Sergeant Stephen Chin grabbed the district’s automated external defibrillator and ran outside to help. He immediately began CPR with chest compressions and mask-to-mouth breathing as the AED was prepping. He used the AED to deliver three shocks during the course of CPR.

Sgt. Chin was successful in restoring the man’s heartbeat. Milwaukee Fire Department arrived on scene and transported the man to the hospital.


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