UWM/MPD Operation Nets 39 Arrests

September 9th, 2012 by milwaukeepolice

In response to East Side/UWM area resident complaints of drunken and disorderly behavior recently, Milwaukee Police intensified its presence starting last night.

The results of the enforcement for the evening of September 8th, 2012 are as follows

39 persons arrested with 41 individual charges written. Of the 39 arrested 25 were UWM students. Those arrested were surprised to learn they would not just be issued citations; they were taken downtown and booked. At least six of those arrested are UWM student athletes.

Breakdown of charges:

Excessive Noise – 11
Disorderly Conduct – 4
Underage Possession/Drinking – 22
Obstructing – 3
Public Drinking – 1

MPD, together with UWM Police, held a Roll Call in the Street yesterday to share a message of safety and partnership as students return to the UWM area and its surrounding neighborhoods. We are working together to address any issues and to return the neighborhoods to those who deserve to live there free from crime, fear and disorder.


A Milwaukee where all can live safely and without fear, protected by a police department with the highest ethical and professional standards.

In partnership with the community, we will create and maintain neighborhoods capable of sustaining civic life. We commit to reducing the levels of crime, fear, and disorder through community-based, problem-oriented, and data-driven policing.