6 years ago

X Marked the Spot to Catch Robber

A robber with a distinctive tattoo was no match for Milwaukee Police Officer Steve Strasser and his computer.

A taxi driver had reported he had been robbed by a suspect who pretended to be a customer on May 3 in the 1400 block of N. 26th St. about 1:45 a.m.  The driver gave police a description of the suspect with a detail that would be her undoing Рa distinctive tattoo on her hand.

After obtaining surveillance from the inside of the cab, Officer Strasser did a computer search based on the suspect’s tattoo. It revealed a woman with an identical tattoo and physical description. Officers Strasser, Richard Litwin, Patrick Furhman and Procopio Orlando subsequently did a search warrant at her residence and found evidence linking her to the crime, along with a quantity of marijuana. The woman has confessed to the robbery.

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